Company History

Perimeter MSP has provided practical MSP Services since our launch in 2014. Our expertise has expanded, providing networking solutions to businesses across Tennessee and nationwide. Our professional, friendly staff has over twenty years of experience, and continues to stay on the cutting edge of technology.

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Our Creed

At Perimeter MSP, we are based on one very simple principle, family is the core of all that we do. Our vision is to become the best and most recognizable home office based technology company in the USA. Our mission and the reason we exist is to implement ideas that help people achieve goals in their company they never saw possible. As part of that pursuit, we believe in: Promoting the Perimeter MSP story to the professional world Being for what is right and not who is right Being practitioners of everything we preach Providing solutions of technology of real value and not just a sales pitch Seeing companies for who they are and for who they can become Building a culture of honesty and ethical principals Establishing a long-term relationship with each company and every person with whom we come in contact Providing growth through multiple revenue streams and career opportunities for our employees Staying connected to cutting edge technological advancements Challenging ourselves to continually learn, grow and improve Giving the public quality information for free as a way of introducing ourselves and earning their trust Taking action and implementing suggestions that come from our customers and our employees Most of all, we believe in being examples of success by operating with integrity, self-discipline and passion in every area of our lives and our business. We believe in laughter and making the best of every interaction with employees, businesses and our communities. We are committed to building a company that is based on Christian principles that creates a lasting legacy. We intend to continue to grow hand-in-hand with our employees through encouragement and offering guidance for each individual to reach their full potential. We are proud to represent Perimeter MSP and will work continually toward becoming the best and most recognizable technology company in the USA.

At Perimeter MSP our commitment to family and community drives our efforts to streamline our processes. When our customers’ businesses run smoothly, our communities reap the rewards. We serve customers with integrity and insight — simplifying business technology, promoting technology education, and giving back to the community. As the largest home office-based technology company in middle Tennessee, our 50+ employees, contractors, and partners throughout the world, share a common thread. We are committed to employee efficiency, environmentalism, and reduced overhead costs – saving our customer’s money. For more information about how Perimeter Networks gives back, visit our News page. “When considering customer’s needs, as well as environmental impact, why wouldn’t all mid size companies work from home offices? The statistics are clear, workplace flexibility contributes to employee wellness and increased productivity. It’s not only a trend in today’s business, it’s the future of how business will be conducted.” ~ David Apuzzo – Perimeter MSP President